• Form factor –    Mid-Tower
  • Motherboard Support – Mini ITX / MicroATX / ATX
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) –  255 x 580 x 685 (mm)
  • Weight – 9 pounds
  • IO Ports – USB3.0 x 2/ Microphone x 1/ Audio x 1
  • Hard drive slots – 3.5″x 3 / 2.5″x 4
  • Fans comes with the casing – COUGAR CFD 120 LED Fan x 3


The COUGAR’s CONQUER is a one of the pc gaming casing at the market which has the ultimate unique design it is  made out of  aluminum alloy and the both of the side panels are made out of Immaculate Tempered Glass both of these materials are in  very high quality

First of all, I have say something about this casing’s name, COUGAR company named this casing as ‘’CONQUER’’ and I have found something that maybe relate to the name of this casing if you get the front and top panels of this casing and put it on your face you will have a look of a medieval warrior from your face…………….

Unlike any other gaming casings, this casing comes in pieces and you have to assemble it by yourself and if you are a beginner to this subject this is not the casing for you because when you are building this you have think about very much about the cable management because most of the areas of this casing are very open you can’t hide the cables in this casing (both side panels are made from tempered glass) so you have think very much about the cable management maybe it may take couple of days to complete this but once you complete it you won’t regret about the time you have spend

Actually this casing mostly used for show case pc builds and cougar has done a fantastic job with this casing’s ‘’TRANSFORMER’’ type look

Quality and Durability

The COUGAR’s CONQUER is made out of  aluminum alloy and the both of the side panels are made out of Immaculate Tempered Glass both of these materials are very high quality

Because they have used high quality aluminum for this casing, every time you touch the casing you will leave fingerprints on it.

Things to note when you doing the build

These are the parts you will get once you buy this casing and I’m going to tell you about important points that you have note when you doing the build.

  • This is a tool less casing and there will be five tool less beams they are large enough to screw by hand and once you have mount they you can carry the case using those beams
  • There will two tempered glass side panels they are part of the support structure without them installed the frame does wobble and can be even bend
  • There are no support pegs to hold the glass while you installing it so you have to hold it by yourself at the whole time and it will result lot of finger prints on the side panels ( to get rid of those fingerprints you can wipe the side panels with a micro fiber cloth from the both inside and the outside of the case and there is enough space to do that
  • You have to install the hard disks before you install the motherboard if you failed to do that you will have to completely remove the motherboard to install the hard disks
  • Motherboard will be mounted in about 45 degree angle in this casing
  • There will be two plates to mount the power supply (power supply bracket and the base) you can change those plates up to three positions to accommodate larger units
  • After you install the power supply unit, two plates that supports power supply unit will be bit wobbly (actually you can’t fix it, it’s small con situation of this casing)
  • All the cables will be stretched maximally because of the motherboard angle (may be you will need extension cables)
  • You will receive three 120mm fans to install on the top of casing to install them you have to open the top panel it’s actually a unique design but when you are closing to panel it’s not perfectly refined it causes the rubber inserts of the side panels to move


You will receive three 120mm fans with this casing and you have to mount them on the top panel you can mount another two 120mm fans on the front panel (the fans you will receive will look really ugly because there in very ugly orange color but once you complete the case those fans turned out to be red so don’t be patient)

but it doesn’t matter how you mount the fans in this casing because there are lot of holes and very wide open spaces so you can mount fans in this casing as you wish

Hard drive orientation

In this casing you can mount four SSDs or three 3.5inch hard drives but the important thing is you have mount hard drives before you install the motherboard if you failed to do that you will have to completely remove the motherboard to install the hard disks

To mount the hard drive plate, they have provided two black screws and hard drive plate will be mounted on the orange color plate so it doesn’t look nice after you mount the hard drive plate (they should have made those screws in orange color)

Cable Management

There are enough cable management holes in this casing to do the cable management and may be you will need extension cables while you doing the build…

For this this casing you have to do the perfect cable management you have done so far maybe  it may take one  or two days but it doesn’t matter because most of the area of this casing are very open so if you need the perfect clean look it will cost your time

Peripheral Ports

USB3.0 x 2

Microphone x 1

Audio x 1


  • This is the most unique design casing available at the market
  • More than enough space for airflow


  • It will take more time to build the casing
  • You have to perform a perfect cable management for this casing and that will cost your time or extra money for get a support of an expert
  • The orange part of the casing is non removable because of that it will be bit difficult to install a radiator on the top panel of the casing.


This is not a case for beginners there are tons of assembly work to be done in this casing to get the case together but it’s worth the extra time you spent and it’s an absolutely gorgeous case,

if you got the time and the budget this is the perfect casing for you.

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